New Horizon is the kind of school that every parent dreams of finding for their child. I am the grandmother of 5 year old twins who started school when New Horizon first opened 4 months ago. The teachers are gentle and patient, and truly care for my grand children. The entire staff is informative and will talk about their interactions with your child and what they have found that works best. One twin did not have the confidence to climb onto the slide or jump in the trampoline or try anything new. Within 2 months of school starting, she now has the confidence to climb and skip, walk the balance beam, use scissors and her language skills have improved 100%. The second twin is also much improved with social skills and can “do everything myself”. She will face you and look into your eyes when talking to you. Her fine motor skills are greatly improved. Her behavior is better, and her recovery is faster when feeling sad.
They love all of the teachers and therapists and are ready to go to school everyday. We highly recommend New Horizon to any parent who has kids with Special Needs.

Rebecca Jones

​I​ moved my son Magnus to New Horizons at the beginning of the semester and I'm kicking myself for not doing it sooner. He's 4 and has Cerebral Palsy. We live in Friendswood ISD, which is exemplary in the eyes of the state and most parents of kids in General Ed or GT, but PPCD just wasn't doing it for him. The program at New Horizons is therapy based and trust me, these teachers know how to implement PT, OT, and Speech, into every part of the curriculum. And my son LOVES the music therapy! It's amazing. I highly highly highly recommend looking into them if you're unhappy with your child's current school or are looking for more of a full immersion therapy approach.

​Shawna Talton