On Staff Therapists

Our Mission


We believe that all children should be provided an environment to learn, grow, and that allows them to reach their maximum potential. Intensive early intervention is the key to unlocking all children's potential, regardless of the severity of the developmental delay.  Our staff is dedicated to the success of your children and their educational journey.


  • Teachers follow an Individualized and developmentally appropriate curriculum.

  • Individual goals are embedded in meaningful, play based interactions, throughout the day.

  • Sign language and other communication devices are used to enhance learning.

  • Teachers, therapists, and families work as a team to achieve goals.  Goals are divided into five areas of development: Cognitive, Fine Motor Skills, Gross Motor Skills, Social Skills, and Self-Help Skills.

  • There are conferences set up throughout the year to further enhance communication between parents and school.

  • Speech, occupational, and physical therapists are on staff.  Each child will receive therapist intervention specifically tailored to their needs on a weekly basis.  Therapy sessions will be done individually and in a small group setting.  This service is included in the monthly tuition charge.

  • Music and movement are used throughout the day to facilitate growth and enhance learning.

  • Music Together, a research based music program, will take place once a week in the classroom by Brandon Lara.

The importance of Therapy


Your child will receive intervention specifically tailored to their individual needs on a weekly basis.  Therapy sessions will be done individually or in a small group setting.  Therapists and teachers work together to facilitate growth and to meet developmental goals.  Our therapy team includes Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. Music Therapy will be offered once a week.